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Please note: We'll have less volunteers this year as we slowly get back to normal and won't be able to fulfill all the volunteer requests, but we'll be in touch if we need your assistance.

Tennis Against Breast Cancer

Event Photos - Friday, Oct. 1

Event Photos - Friday, Oct. 8

Reminders for the Day of the Events!

Tabc Schedule Graphic

Rain Schedule: In case of rain, pick up your pullovers and boxed lunches at 11:30 a.m. at your designated courts/locations.

Remember to Bring CASH: Raffle Tickets ($20 for 25 raffle tickets, $30/50 tickets, $40/100 tickets, etc.)

Digital Photos: Photos will be available on this page for download after your event.

Online Friend-raising: It’s easy! Email or text your personal TABC page to your friends and family to ask them to support you at give.northside.com/tabc until Dec. 31!