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Join Northside Hospital Foundation in impacting our communities with our #lightsforgood campaign. 

Give to:
someone who has survived
Support someone who is fighting
Remember someone who is no longer with us
Honor someone who has had a major impact in your life

Your gift to the #lightsforgood campaign helps provide rides to treatment for cancer patients, screening mammograms for underinsured women in the community, transportation for parents of preemie babies in the NICU, perinatal bereavement support, clinical education and much more.

For Blood & Marrow Transplant (BMT) and Leukemia patients and families traveling to receive care at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, the cost of local lodging is a significant concern. This is particularly true for those whose treatment protocols necessitate extended stays, spanning days or even weeks of daily therapy, immediate or prolonged hospitalization. The individuals undergoing treatment, along with their supportive care partners, find themselves needing to reside near their treatment centers for substantial durations, often incurring significant personal expenses.

You can make a difference by alleviating the financial strain on these patients and their families. Your support can contribute to establishing a 'Home Away from Home' by providing enduring financial assistance for those in need of local lodging during their cancer treatment.

Last year, with your support, we helped provide 3,100+ rides to treatment and 9,000+ nights of lodging for BMT/Leukemia patients in our community.

Jace's Journey: From Premature Birth to a Year of Triumph

The remarkable journey of a family, from the dreams of parenthood to the premature birth of their son, Jace. Chelsea McCoy shares her family's NICU experience at Northside and provides advice for parents facing similar challenges.

She also highlights the vital role of the Miracle Babies Fund in supporting families during these trying times.

Baby Brooks' Light: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Legacy

In the midst of unimaginable grief and heartache, one mother found solace and support in an unexpected place: the H.E.A.R.T.strings program at Northside.

After giving birth to her son, Brooks, she embarked on a journey to find resources and a community that could help her navigate the overwhelming whirlwind of emotions that accompanies the loss of a child.

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