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Northside Midtown Feature

The Northside Hospital family is grieving. We deeply love and support the employees and patients who were directly involved, as well as others impacted in different ways.

We are incredibly grateful for the quick and courageous response of Atlanta-area law enforcement. Northside also thanks our colleagues at Grady Memorial Hospital for the care being provided to the victims. Their actions brought comfort and safety to our patients and staff at Northside Medical Midtown.

Please consider making a gift in support of the Northside employees and their families affected by this tragedy.

Words of encouragement from those who have given:

As a long-time Laureate Medical patient, my heart is heavy for all those affected by this awful event. I am praying for everyone's ongoing healing and comfort.

Praying for victims' families and those victims still recovering. Praying for all affected by this tragedy.

Sending Love to fellow Northside employees and all HealthCare workers affected by this tragedy.

Peace and comfort to all our colleagues especially those affected by this tragedy. We are Northside Family and we support each other.

Sending prayers for a full and speedy recovery!

Wishing you a gentle recovery. I am so terribly sorry this happened. Sending you kind thoughts.

My heart goes out to the wonderful people at this Laureate location. They treat everyone with respect on a daily basis. They more than deserve our respect and support at this moment.

Thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

Sending love and peace to everyone impacted.

We are patients of many years at Laureate and we are heartbroken for the people that work there. We wish all of them and their families our very best.

Praying for my Northside Hospital family.

All of us at Perimeter North Medical Associates are thinking and praying for all impacted by this tragedy.

Make a contribution to assist the Northside employees and their families affected by the recent events at Northside Medical Midtown