Miracle Baby Inspires Mom to Work at Northside

Miracle Baby Darien L. Steele Jr. was brought into the world in September 2012 at Northside Hospital. He suffered from loss of oxygen to the brain resulting in a brain injury. After spending 40 long days in the NICU at Northside, he managed to beat the odds.

While Darien was in the NICU, his mother, Kim, attended a NICU support group that allowed her to share her story with others going through similar situations. Because of her family’s experience at Northside, Kim decided to help others by becoming a Central Research Specialist at Northside Hospital.

“Northside Hospital really took great care of my son and I am truly grateful to work for an amazing employer that cares. I am here for a bigger reason – not just to work but to help others in need. Northside Hospital showed me that caring was more important than money. I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of such a great team that gives back to the community,” says Kim.

Darien is currently enrolled in the special needs pre-K program where he receives an education and learning opportunities tailored to his needs. Kim thanks the staff in the Northside Hospital NICU for all of the love and support that her family received.

Now, Kim says that she chooses to give back to Northside because God helped her get through this situation and it is now her time to help other parents who have children in the NICU.

“Stay positive, ask questions, cry if you need to, talk about how you’re feeling, and visit your child daily. You have chosen the best medical facility that will take care of all your needs.”