Miracle Baby Tesla, Then and Now

Despite being a late preterm infant and overcoming some very frightening medical issues, miracle baby Tesla was able to bond with her mother Tiffany during her recovery in the NICU. Tiffany says she is thankful for the bonding time she received with her daughter during Kangaroo Care or skin to skin care – a program supported by the Miracle Babies Program.

“Northside allowed me to stay with my baby all day and have that bonding time with her. Thanks to tons of nursing and Kangaroo Care, Tesla advanced enough to leave NICU and she has been a thriving child ever since,” said Tiffany. “Thank you so much for such an amazing delivery experience.”

Your donation to the Miracle Babies fund provides financial assistance to relieve families of stress and increase the time parents are able to spend in the NICU with their newborn. This additional time helps emotionally support parents and improve rates of breastfeeding and Kangaroo Care.