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Muriel and her kitten, Pussems.


Muriel Jackson was 95 years old when she passed away on February 1, 2023.

Throughout her life, pets were a permanent and loved fixture in the Jackson home.  In her final months, she especially enjoyed the companionship, and the company provided by a young stray kitten she adopted and named Pussems.  Their friendship was an ever-present source of comfort and enjoyment for Muriel, and during her final, prolonged hospitalization, she so missed petting her kitty! Much to her surprise while she was in the ICU, a beautiful golden retriever named "Luke" came to visit her several times. Each time, her joy was evident as Luke licked her and snuggled, wanting to be petted.  The joy and laughter that replaced the suffering and discomfort should be shared with as many patients as possible.  It would be her pleasure to know that the Northside Hospital Forsyth Auxiliary - Pet Therapy Program was sustained so others could be comforted like she was.

In lieu of flowers, please honor her memory by giving to the Northside Hospital Forsyth Auxiliary - Pet Therapy Program in the form below.