The Pastricks: They’re Primed to Fight!

Our new reality of sheltering in place, grocery hauls and social distancing is difficult. Nonetheless, one couple is navigating this time with additional challenges but with much grace and compassion.

A few months ago, Enterprise Holdings Foundation granted $10,000 to our Northside Hospital Blood and Marrow Transplant (BMT) Program in honor of Heather Pastrick, an employee of Enterprise Holdings. Amid the growing COVID-19 support, remembering to give back to the cancer patients and cancer programs at Northside Hospital has remained a high priority for Heather and her husband, Geoff Pastrick.

Their generous gift will support transportation and lodging needs of BMT patients and their caregivers at Northside Hospital.

“My company, Enterprise Holdings, has a non-profit foundation, and the goal is to give a portion of our profits back to the local communities each year,” explained Heather. “They’ve donated to different efforts for leukemia and lymphoma, since this is a cause that’s important to our leadership team. However, this grant was directed to the Northside BMT Program due to the impact it has made on our family.”

In February of 2019, Geoff was diagnosed with Stage 4 Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare, highly aggressive, fast-growing type of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He briefly went into remission for six weeks, and the cancer came back with a vengeance summer of 2019.

“This definitely was not a life event that we were expecting,” said Heather. “However, we promised to never give up and keep a positive outlook. Geoff says he’s going through this so that he can impact more patients with his story and experience when he comes out on the other side.”

Soon after Geoff’s treatments resumed, the Pastricks created a family foundation, Primed 2 Fight, to raise money for items for patients and their caregivers that were lacking during treatments, clinic visits and hospital stays.

“We made our first donation to Northside cancer patients last year during Christmas and did another in February of 2020. Geoff was getting his bone marrow transplant on February 13th, and I was delivering Valentine’s Day treats on the 4th and 10th floors to put smiles on patients’ faces.”

From water bottles to hot cocoa and chapstick, the Pastricks have made the patients’ treatments and day-to-day for the care givers a little more bright. Between grants from Enterprise Holdings Foundation and the Pastrick family foundation, they’re looking forward to continuing their work with Northside Foundation and Northside Hospital to identify other areas of needs for the cancer programs and patients.

To learn more about Primed 2 Fight, please visit

For more information on how you and your company can impact Northside Hospital patients and staff, contact Northside Hospital Foundation at or 770.667.4483.