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Small Hands. Big Hearts.

Piper Hampton making bracelets at the end of her driveway.

During this unprecedented time of social distancing, it’s easy for everyone, especially children, to get restless and bored. But sometimes, that boredom can be the catalyst to something extraordinary.

When Piper Hampton, 6 years old, finished her virtual class one afternoon, she walked downstairs to the living room to look for something fun to do. Instead, she found her parents watching updates on the COVID-19 pandemic— and this gave her an idea.

“When I saw my parents watching the news, it gave me a great idea for how I could help those that are affected by this virus that would also help me have fun,” explained Piper. “I decided I was going to make bracelets, sell them to my neighbors, and donate all the money to Northside Hospital Forsyth.”

Savannah Floyd, 10 years old. Piper Hampton, 6 years old. Landon Hampton, 8 years old. Jason Floyd, 7 years old.

Piper then quickly put her idea into action when her friend and neighbor Savannah Floyd, 10 years old, came over later that day. From there, they each asked their brothers, Landon Hampton, 8 years old, and Jason Floyd, 7 years old, for help.

With the help of their parents, the girls set up a table at the end of the driveway, and the neighbors drove by or walked by and made their contributions—keeping their distance, of course.

“We didn’t keep count of how many bracelets we made,” expressed Savannah. “We just know that we made a lot, and sold the rubber band bracelets for $0.25 each.”

Savannah Floyd making bracelets in her neighborhood.

Both the Floyds and the Hamptons had their children born in Forsyth County, so they decided early on that they wanted to donate the money to benefit their community.

“Savannah and Jason were both born at Northside Hospital Forsyth,” said Mrs. Floyd. “It was important for us to make sure we supported Northside Hospital Forsyth, especially their Respiratory Care Services department.”

Mrs. Floyd helped share the children’s efforts through her personal page and neighborhood Facebook group. In the end, the Hamptons and Floyds, collectively, were able to donate $175.00 to Respiratory Care Services at Northside Hospital Forsyth, which is a lot of bracelets!